Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nice Shot

At the Ann Kiser Clinic last week, a photographer ran around and got pictures of us doing our thing. It is nice to finally have some shots of Maddy and I together. I like this one just because my hair looks good. I am not quite sure how. I was so tired on Sunday, I just rolled out of bed and went. My mom and her boyfriend Cliff had flown in from Minnesota the night before and after the clinic on Saturday, I was exhausted. Clinics are a lot of work! Things are progressing with Maddy. I am focusing more on riding. I am using just a rope halter and lead rope for now, which at times is a pain and you have to anticipate turns and get your tosses right. Also I am saddle shopping for a new dressage saddle. My old one along with an Australian Saddle is on consignment at the tack store. Looking forward to lots of good stuff in May. Clinton Anderson is coming, I am auditing the Level 2 Ann Kiser clinic, and I will have my new saddle. Good times.


Pony Tail Club said...

That is a great shot of you two! Thanks for the tips on Portland tack shops. We'll check them out.

Rising Rainbow said...

Throwing the lead would be a problem for me, my depth perception sucks.

Jessica Foster said...

You're right. Your hair does look cute. :)