Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I had a dressage lesson on Monday. I have been trying to ride her on the rail and work my walk trot transitions. I didn't realize how much worrying about keeping her on the rail was ultimately throwing me off balance in the saddle, which would make Maddy either speed up or slow down. After the clinic this weekend, Clinton Anderson recommended just letting your horse go where ever they want as long as they keep their gait. He said, "just put some miles on them!" So that is what we did. Within about 5 minutes, she was at a great trot, lowering her head, and rounding her back. She was doing small figure eights on her own between the gate and the large door and slowly she started spreading out to a fairly large circle around the arena. I felt so relaxed in the saddle. It was nice not to be tugging her back to the rail. We went for about 10 minutes and it felt so amazing. When you feel that kind of harmony with your horse, it is pure exhilaration. I gave her a little break and we were off again. Honestly, I leased a great dressage horse last summer, and this trot on Maddy felt better. I just can't stop thinking about our next ride. Things are really starting to get exciting.


Molly said...

Fabulous! That feeling of togetherness is hard to describe, but I totally understand. I'm sure you can't wait to go again.

Beth said...

That is so awesome for both of you. I am sure she was soft and happy.

Years ago, before he was super popular, I got to see John Lyons perform with Bright Zip and it was incredible. Tearful. So I understand your emotion with Clinton Anderson.

Jumping Jockey said...


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Ishtar said...

This post made me really, really happy! I'm so exited for you, wish I will be able to apply some of these things when I get back to my girls!

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like things are really coming along. That's great to hear.

Kathy C said...

Oh my gosh I am so jealous! I've been wanting to do that with Gunner, but don't have an enclosed arena. Soon, soon!