Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gosh..this snow!

Snow again. Maddy was walking on "high heels" when I went out to see her today. He shoes had compacted the snow and she was about 3 inches off the ground. She is in heat and has romancing the handsome Fresian cross, Ronan. This week has been a little difficult with her attention elsewhere. We are pushing on and doing cavalettis under saddle. Wow, what a great feeling that is to get that stretch over the poles and have her continue like that through out her workout. She is starting to feel like a real dressage horse. We are having a "show" meeting on Saturday. Our trainer is going to talk about and plan for the up coming season. I would like to do some schooling shows, if not this year, maybe the next. It would give me a sense of accomplishment after all we have been through together.On another friend Kacy over at All Horse Stuff is leaving the barn. I am going to miss her. This is her snow covered truck and trailer. Lots of memories for me and Maddy with that truck and trailer. Our first experience trailering out, our first trip to the beach, and our first experience "horse" camping. Lots of good times. Kacy and Wa have a special place in my heart...she was willing to share her summer adventures with me and I will be eternally grateful for helping me reach so many of my goals with Maddy. She is going to find her happiness at another barn, but she will remain a friend and a cherished "horse sister."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Snow

On Tuesday I woke up to snow on the valley floor in Portland. If falls in the city, you know in the higher elevations they got a lot more. The roads seemed fine, so I headed to the barn. Beautiful big flakes were falling and there was a nice blanket. We switched farriers at the barn, so I really had to go. I prefer to hold her for the vet and farrier because I like to see how she does with different people. I also see what needs to be worked on. We have been plugging away on our dressage lessons every Wednesday and when it has been nice, been going out on the trails. I putting my trailer shopping on hold...I had a bad experience yesterday off a Craigslist ad that kind of soured me towards the whole thing. Lets just say the ad was not accurate and the going to see it was like walking onto the set of "Deliverance." The other Triton was very nice, but I feel a bit overwhelmed about it all, so just taking a break. I think my stress level would go down if I bought the truck first and didn't have anxiety about delivery and the ability to take it for an inspection. Anyway, the snow was lovely and a nice distraction from trailer shopping. It is strange how that white stuff creates a stillness around you and your senses become acute. It seems almost primal as you stand far away and can hear your horse raise it's head or take a step in the snow.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Goodbye Cara

Our barn manager, Cara, is moving on to greener pastures. She is heading to Idaho to help care for her sick grandfather. We are really going to miss her around the barn. She was a hard worker and great with the horses. She is a good kid with a kind heart. I liked to tease her about guys...she tends to like cowboys and flirts with the farriers and the hay man. When I went to see Clinton Anderson, I had to get a "butt" shot for her. be that age again. It will be quiet around the barn without the "Killers" and "Offspring" playing on the stereo. The barn threw her a little going away party on Saturday. Everyone showed up and she got a gift certificate from all of us and we had a tasty potluck. Here are some more photos from the party. I am sure we will keep in touch and hopefully she will come back to Oregon in some capacity, to work with us or just ride with us. We wish her the best.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trailer...yes or no?

I have been trailer shopping for a few months. By that I mean I cruise through Craigslist and Dreamhorse looking for deals or dreaming about owning certain ones. I found one this week that is just across the river in my price range ($4,000 or less:-). It is a two horse slant Triton with a tack room. I have an appointment tomorrow to go check it out. I have heard the arguments for both straight and slant, and I really haven't formulated my own opinion yet. I was just looking for a trailer that seems to work for me. I have people telling me to keep looking and find a three horse, but for my first trailer, I don't mind having it be a bit smaller. I know so many women out in the blog world have much more experience than myself with trailers, so I am just fishing for opinions and thoughts on the Triton. I have heard of the brand, but don't know much about it. The woman has a very expensive eventing horse and she told me she replaced the floor last year before a competition in CA. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Also, if anyone out there can give me any advice about what to look for and what ask when I go see it, that would really be appreciated. Thanks everyone for your help and input on all are such a great resource and I value your opinions.