Friday, June 25, 2010

Freeway Encounter

I was driving down I-5 south, passing many a truck and trailer as it was the weekend of Inavale Horse Trials, when a large truck and trailer caught my eye. On the back was . An infamous equestrian celebrity sighting, Amy Tryon. Many of you remember her from the Rolex investigation in 2007. She jumped the last fence on her horse ,Le Samurai, who was running on three legs. She dismounted at the finish line and left others to care for him. He was later put down. She was investigated for abuse and after reviewing footage, they disqualified her.

In 2008, she fell off Poggio II during the Olympics and was eliminated because she didn't complete the course.

I don't know Amy, but articles said she began riding when she was 8. She excelled and has an impressive resume in the horse world. But I hope she is the exception rather than the example. It's seems goals and glory have clouded her love of the horse. Maybe she is the type of competitor that never had it, maybe chasing the blue has always been more important. I can remain hopeful that the past couple of years have taught her some tough lessons. I hope she realizes that riding is a partnership. The better relationship, the better the ride. As I drove passed, I thought of Le Samurai and Poggio and hoped that whoever was riding along in the back of that trailer would have a different kind of legacy.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Day..

I wish everyday would start this way. I woke up to sunshine and a text asking "are you going riding today?" I met Joni early out at the barn and she promised to show me a new trail she found. We both packed our clippers because we knew we would have to trim some branches. It was a great trail that a poker ride group recently broke for us. We vowed to keep this well traveled so we don't lose it. Great morning ride and we made it back in time to get me to work on time.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beach Trip

Kacy from All Horse Stuff invinted me and my barnmates for a beach trip to the lovely town of Tillamook, Oregon. Kacy boards with the woman who owns "The Bay Ocean House," so that is where we get stay. I think this is my fourth trip...every time I go, I love it more. Maddy has gotten accustomed to the sights and sounds of the ocean and this trip she behaved so well. I am really proud of all the horses...they were all rockstars. Enjoy some of my photos from the trip. We had so much fun, cooking, hot tubbing, riding, and watching "The Lone Ranger" and "National Velvet" in our down time. Kacy took took some really cool pics....go visit her blog:-). I was busy messing with my HD Helmet cam, which is still a work in progress.