Friday, June 25, 2010

Freeway Encounter

I was driving down I-5 south, passing many a truck and trailer as it was the weekend of Inavale Horse Trials, when a large truck and trailer caught my eye. On the back was . An infamous equestrian celebrity sighting, Amy Tryon. Many of you remember her from the Rolex investigation in 2007. She jumped the last fence on her horse ,Le Samurai, who was running on three legs. She dismounted at the finish line and left others to care for him. He was later put down. She was investigated for abuse and after reviewing footage, they disqualified her.

In 2008, she fell off Poggio II during the Olympics and was eliminated because she didn't complete the course.

I don't know Amy, but articles said she began riding when she was 8. She excelled and has an impressive resume in the horse world. But I hope she is the exception rather than the example. It's seems goals and glory have clouded her love of the horse. Maybe she is the type of competitor that never had it, maybe chasing the blue has always been more important. I can remain hopeful that the past couple of years have taught her some tough lessons. I hope she realizes that riding is a partnership. The better relationship, the better the ride. As I drove passed, I thought of Le Samurai and Poggio and hoped that whoever was riding along in the back of that trailer would have a different kind of legacy.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm with you, I too hope whoever her current competition horse is, fares better than her past horses. I know it's only my opinion, but it seems there are too many people like her or like I think she is(I don't know that much about her)who use their horses to attain celebrity status. I wish there were more top riders who would show by example how to treat a horse fairly and with compassion. Re- enforcing that competition is simply another way to cement the bond between horse and rider.

jacksonsgrrl said...

We must never forget, no matter what level rider we are, that we have been given a PROFONUD gift. A horse. A creature of strenth, beauty, and willingness to do almost anything for his rider. I only hope that this will not be the case here. If you are one of the lucky chosen one's to get the gift, then it becomes ours to treat to the very best of our abilities. All of our knowlgedge with horses, along with the bits we know about ourselves and our OWN human humbleness. We are not even 1/2 of that beautful horse, but we can do everything in our abilities to take that gift and do our very best for that horse. Shame, shame, to those, to anyone who will not!

Rising Rainbow said...

Makes me sad just reading this post. So many horses are entrusted to the care of those who don't deserve such a gift.

It's one thing to make mistakes out of ignorance and another to just not care.

Drillrider said...

Another "win at all costs" equine competitor. Feel sad for them because they are missing the whole point of being an equestrian.

I talked to a drill team person who actually stated "horses are dumber than a post and you just have to beat them into submission". I feel sorry for her horses too!