Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shame on the Polo Field

21 dead horses in Wellington, Florida after a botched illegal injection of Biodyl, a French made drug that aids in exhaustion. Biodyl is not approved by the FDA for use in the US and is a banned substance. Still the polo team, Lechuza Caracas, thought they were above the law and went and hired a pharmacist to mix it for them and administer it anyway. Every press report keeps calling this a mix up in "vitamins." This was an illegal substance. No one is calling for game suspensions for this team, no one is calling for huge fines for
billionaire owner, Victor Vargas. Instead, they talk about Vargas holding a horses head in his arms as he cried. Probably because he just lost two million dollars in horses. I am not sad for this guy. This guy is a murderer. I am sad for his horses. All reports are blaming the pharmacist....unbelievable. Headlines should read "Polo Team kills its own Horses for Sport" or "Billionaire will do Anything to Win." The only article I found asking tough questions about drugging was this article in the Miami Herald and it is an opinion piece by Linda Robertson. In reading reports...the horses suffered horrific deaths. Shame on polo enthusiasts and participants who go on allowing the drugging of horses for sport. If you truly loved the game, you would be as outraged as I am.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Trailer!!

I am thrilled. I bought my first trailer today. Look out trails and beach and we come! I was lucky to find such a nice one right in my area and the previous owners took such good care of it. I am really happy. It wasn't even that hard to write the check. I have been saving for awhile. For me, decisions are painful. They keep me up at night (like last sleep for me)! I worry so much about making a mistake. But this trailer was immaculate, exactly what I need, and the woman that sold it was like an old friend. We could have sat and talked all day. Freedom for $5,600 bucks. That is priceless. I can go and do whatever I want....I can't wait.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Get to be a Parelli Volunteer!

In June, I am heading to Madison, Wisconsin to volunteer at the Parelli Tour stop. I was notifided a couple weeks ago and just really excited to be a part of the event. The Reno stop fell on a bad weekend for me and I knew I would be in the Midwest in June, so I thought "what the heck." I gain so much motivation by going to horse events, being a bigger part of it will really inspire me.
I have been getting back into my Parelli work, hoping I can pass Level 2 and 3 this year. On Thursday, I am filming an audition for my Level 2...wish me luck. I started having Parelli Play Days out at Templeton every other Saturday. I am having a lot of fun with that. Even though I am leaving, I hope the interest remains and I can keep it going. We are having a good time and it is good for me to expand on things I have learned by passing it on to others. I am heading to a new barn at the end of this month, intent on utilizing the nice round pen to work on liberty. So I know after reading this post...many of you will say "Oh Photogchic went and drank some Parelli Kool-aid." I just like things that work...I use tips from every trainer on RFD..I love Clinton Anderson...I even listen to my racetrack father (sometimes:-). But for me, without Parelli...I know I would not still own Maddy. It has changed her, it works for her and it inspires me to work harder and get more creative. So no Kool-Aid drinking, just happy with the results. Any bloggers out there heading to Madison for the Tour? Let me know..would love to see you there.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mud Fever

Maddy has Mud Fever. I am mad at myself for not checking into it earlier. On Saturday, I noticed her right hind was a little swollen and there was a tough patch of skin on her leg. I brushed it and the tough patch loosened up and I went to work her and she seemed fine so I didn't think much of it. On Wednesday, I went to brush her legs and felt all sorts of lumps and scabs. I talked to my trainer...yep...she has mud fever. I was told to mix a concoction of Desitin, anti-fungal cream, and triple antibiotic cream and apply to the sores after I clip the hair away and open the sores up. Her right hind is really agitated. To be honest, I didn't even know what mud fever was, but I knew something wasn't right and didn't look into it. So right now I feel like a bad owner. She is staying in a couple days and am hoping the cream starts kicking in. On the upside, all the work I have done handling her legs has paid off. She was a really good patient and let me clip away and pick away without any fuss. For those that have never seen this, it is like bubbles of scabs mostly around the pasterns. It is higher up in places, especially on that back leg. Treatment involves keep her legs dry and covering with the salve I made. Also brushing out the fungal organisms...ick! All my reading about Mud Fever, says horses with white socks are more susceptible. So how did my dun with black points get it:-) For being a good girl, I took her for a little walk, avoiding all mud, to visit with her girlfriends.