Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gosh..this snow!

Snow again. Maddy was walking on "high heels" when I went out to see her today. He shoes had compacted the snow and she was about 3 inches off the ground. She is in heat and has romancing the handsome Fresian cross, Ronan. This week has been a little difficult with her attention elsewhere. We are pushing on and doing cavalettis under saddle. Wow, what a great feeling that is to get that stretch over the poles and have her continue like that through out her workout. She is starting to feel like a real dressage horse. We are having a "show" meeting on Saturday. Our trainer is going to talk about and plan for the up coming season. I would like to do some schooling shows, if not this year, maybe the next. It would give me a sense of accomplishment after all we have been through together.On another friend Kacy over at All Horse Stuff is leaving the barn. I am going to miss her. This is her snow covered truck and trailer. Lots of memories for me and Maddy with that truck and trailer. Our first experience trailering out, our first trip to the beach, and our first experience "horse" camping. Lots of good times. Kacy and Wa have a special place in my heart...she was willing to share her summer adventures with me and I will be eternally grateful for helping me reach so many of my goals with Maddy. She is going to find her happiness at another barn, but she will remain a friend and a cherished "horse sister."


Ishtar said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for you that Kacy is leaving! Although I have only met her virtually so far, she's such a bright personality!! And her horse Wa has the coolest hair-does!
Sending you and Maddie a big hug from Africa, and a kiss from Sheba!

OnTheBit said... always stinks when a good friend leaves the barn. I think going to a few schooling shows this year sounds like a good plan. Just doing 2 or 3 shouldn't be too expensive and should be a lot of fun for both you and Maddie. Have fun at the meeting and I hope the snow melts soon!

Grey Horse Matters said...

I guess it will never stop snowing. Sorry that Kacy is leaving the barn, I'm sure she will miss you too.
Have fun planning your shows, that should be a distraction from the nasty weather.

jacksonsgrrl said...

I have no clue how you get anything done in that weather! UGH!
Well, when I left my barn for greener (and $200 cheaper pastures--woohoo) to go keep Jackson at my friends ranch, I still managed to keep in touch with my friend from there...That is the beauty of trailers, the relationship doesn't have to end!!! Hope you and Kacy have lots more beachy times together! The dressage stuff sounds like it's going great, Jackson and I are looking for a good dressage trainer currently.....not always easy in Texas-Western land. :)
:) Mindy

Lori Skoog said...

I sure wish I could have gone to the beach with you guys. Will Kacy be in the area?

Donna said...

So many people and their horses are leaving my barn...they just can't afford to board them with this economy. Thankfully we aren't at that point yet, even though my husband has been unemployed for 6 of the last 9 months. I simply can't and won't even entertain the thought of giving up our animals, but I know others have had to make that heart-breaking decision. Continued good luck with the dressage training!


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Heidi said...

We also had snow in Seattle last Thursday. I hope we're done with that for the season! You should do a few schooling shows just for fun and for the experience. It's nice to get a few scores as a baseline for upcoming years where you may want to be more competitive. And getting some feedback from judges can help point out areas to work on. Good luck!

Pony Girl said...

Those "snow shoes" can be so irritating! You'll dig out the compact snow and then it'll pack back in again. I really worried about it when we got a foot of snow here and it stuck around for over a week.
Sorry that Kacy is leaving, it's fun to have good company at the barn. I'm sure you'll keep in touch! ;)