Sunday, May 27, 2007

Clinton Day Two

I could watch flying lead changes all day! This is a quick video post of Clinton and Mindy working the crowd. Today was excellent down in Redmond. We rolled in a little late because Derek and I are just not morning people, but we made it in time for the trailer loading demonstration. In about an hour and 20 minutes he had a 2 year old colt named "Monty" actually walking into the trailer on his own. He started out rearing and pulling his owner all over the arena. Clinton just got his feet moving, did lots of approach and retreat near the trailer, some squeeze game all around the trailer. Then he worked him over the ramp, then slowly in and out. The key was letting him rest in the trailer, then he backed him out and worked him hard near the trailer, loaded him again, let him rest and petted him in there. Suddenly the trailer was the place Monty wanted to be, so he went right up in there by himself. It was very cool.

After the clinic, I got a picture with Clinton and Mindy. She really is just a gorgeous mare. He saw her picture on a magazine cover in Austrailia when she was just 4 months old. He tracked down the owner and said he had to have her. He was just 17 at the time and scrounged up the $3,000 for her and she has been his "mate" ever since. Clinton was great, meeting with everyone and patiently listening and taking every question. If you ever can get to one of his tour stops, I strongly recommend it. We really had a great weekend.

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Rising Rainbow said...

He's a very talented horseman and witty as well. I found him to be very entertaining as well as informative. Glad you got to see him.