Saturday, May 5, 2007

Random Stuff

So my mom and her boyfriend, Cliff, just returned to Minnesota this week. I really miss them and hope they move to Oregon someday. I consider Cliff my step-dad even though they are not married. He watched me grow up and was always a "dad" to my brother and I while my real dad was busy womanizing and going from racetrack to racetrack. Cliff did dressage and had a beautiful 17 hand thoroughbred named "Porsche." I kick myself for never learning about it when I was younger. I always thought dressage was for people that didn't know how to ride:-) At least that is what my real dad always told me.

So now in adulthood, I turn to Cliff for advice and suggestions about my new found passion. Christmas 2005, he gave me the best present I have ever received from anyone. He listened when I talked about my dressage saddle and went out and bought a gorgeous bridle that matched it perfectly. I love that bridle. I love it because he "heard" me when I talked about what I was doing with my life. He knew I didn't have a horse yet and I had just started my dressage lessons, but he listened and knew where I was heading.

So I am posting some pictures of my family tonight, because I miss them terribly and I just smile when I see these photos of their visit. They tried out my Vespa, which had me holding my mom went too slow and Cliff went too fast, but it is still in one piece. Cliff just bought a motorcycle and my mom wants a scooter. I think I have turned into the parent, because this scares the heck out of me:-).


Tracey said...

Cliff sounds like a major blessing in your life. I'll bet your mom feels the same way. Finding someone who really listens and hears what you have to say isn't easy!

paige said...

wow your real dad is seriously wrong about dressage and cliff sounds like mr. dan <3 always going too fast XD