Monday, May 7, 2007

A riding lesson

Finally, after 6 months of ground work, I had my first lesson where I was on her back the whole time. It feels good to be back in the saddle! I am riding in a rope halter and reins and my homework for the week is one rein stops on the rail and lots of walk trot transitions. My trainer wants me to forget about steering and focus on bumps to keep her on the rail and if I want to turn, do it with lots of little bumps. Also, lots of loose rein. That is really hard for me. I hate to give up that feeling of control, but she is doing really well and if she gets going too fast, I just do a one rein stop. Michelle also checked out the used Wintec Pro I am thinking of buying. She liked it and thought it fit perfectly.


Kathy C said...

Hi! It sounds like we are at the same spot with our riding. I am about to go to the trainers and work on one rein stops! I've been re-training our post EPM horse. I will check back in to see how you are doing...Good Luck~~!

Molly said...

Your girl is mighty beautiful! You guys look like a great match.

Ishtar said...

I agree with Molly, your girl is beautiful!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Yep know all about he one rein stops and getting them to flex their necks and turn away and round with the rope. It sounds like you and Maddy are getting on great. I hope I can get more riding and horse time in for myself this year, in fact I have to for my sanity.

I agree with MiKael on the board thing, look around and then gauge your response. I dont know what the rate is around here but I am sure it is not anywhere near that.

Maddy is beautiful, enjoy her and thanks for your visits to my blog.


photogchic said...

Thanks everybody. It has been so great starting this training journey with Maddy. My blog has given me so many helpful and supportive friends. I appreciate all your comments.

kelly said...

I have the 3 wintec saddles and love them all. I have ridden in 3,000.00 saddles that were nice too but mine work just as well and seem to fit even better :)
Your horse is beautiful. I enjoy your blog and tracking your progress with Maddy.