Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Half way there

So Ann Kiser was not able to give me the test on Friday, but after seeing Maddy in the clinic, she filled out the paperwork and passed her on all seven games. We just need to submit our riding skills by video and we get our red savvy string. Yeah!!! Maddy did so well all week. We tried some new games, like some "binding" exercises and lots of advanced driving games. I thought she would panic in the first binding exercise we tried. I could just see her mind going the whole time. Basically, I put the lead around her and moved it back in forth across her side and legs, I let go with the front hand and step back which puts pressure on her halter. Normally, they would want to turn towards you, but the rope is pulling them the other way. So if they are smart (like Maddy) the give to pressure and spin around the face you like she is about to do in the top picture. The bottom picture is Maddy giving some flexion in her neck. She likes to bend around and she just waits there until I scratch her chin. She is a spoiled girl.


Rising Rainbow said...

Congratulations! That's very exiting.

Jessica Foster said...

Girl, you always have been all about the accessories! Congrats chica!

Pony Tail Club said...

We're headed to Portland soon and wondered if you might recommend a tack shop? We like to check out tack shops when we travel.