Thursday, April 19, 2007

Parelli Test!

So I am taking my Level 1 Parelli test on Friday. Ann Kiser is coming to Templeton this weekend for a clinic. I am pretty excited, but so nervous. I just want her to be on her best behavior because I want the dang red savvy string! She can do everything great 90% of the the 10% of the time that I am worried about. I have to take Jane Savoie advice and think positive and visualize myself holding that red savvy string. I think we can do it. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, good luck. The only thing I can recommend is concentrate on the horse and try to keep yourself calm. My hubby trains horses, but HATES doing it in front of people (esp. if it's their horse). The difference in him and the horse's response to him is amazing when there's no one around. Just pretend it is you and the horse, no one else. Good luck

Rising Rainbow said...

Good luck! and I agree with Sarah. Just concentrate on the horse and what you're trying to accomplish and forget anyone is there.

learninghorses said...

Yeah! Good Luck! I know you can do it. KNOW that the red string is yours! Zapa and I are right behind you! :)