Monday, April 9, 2007

Third Gear

I have been doing tons of ground work with Maddy which means lots of lunging and Cavalleti drills. I have been so focused on getting her to stretch out and relax in the trot, I kind of forgot about the canter! We have a whole other gear to explore. Well, today we tried it. Once I felt she we relaxed in the trot, I made a small cirlce with my wrist as the cue. When she didn't pick up on it, I cracked the whipped and she went into it. By the third try she had the cue. I didn't push her too much today. With Maddy, she is so smart, I like to introduce her to something and then let her think on it a day. She usually remembers and gets it the next time we work. I love that about her.


Rising Rainbow said...

Third gear is cool! I'm always slow about getting into that one. Especially once I'm on top.

Sounds like she is really coming along nicely.

learninghorses said...

Yipee! You are riding! I can't wait to be riding with you. Wait until we take Maddy and Zapa out together, that will be a great day.