Friday, April 13, 2007

Help Blogger Friends!

So today I receive a letter in the mail from my boarding facility. I start to read and it goes on and on about our great equine family. Then the last paragraph of the two page letter says "Your board is going up $50 a month." YIKES!! The facility opened in October and we pay $425 for full care which is already painful. I expected the letter to say "Construction will be starting on our new house be patient." I will say that I love the barn. It is really nice and I love the horses that Maddy is turned out with. I also love my trainer that is there....but is $475 just too dang much??? I just want to stress that the facility is nice, but not jaw-dropping gorgeous. It is a half hour drive one way. There is no round pen. The turnouts are just electric tape and there hasn't been grass in any of them since December. Some days it feels chaotic with all the kids running around. But you get used to things and it is true, they all become your "equine family." So it feels like a big decision to make. I know moving Maddy to a new facility would "rock her world," but I have to be rational. What would you guys do??


Donna said...

Here in Northern CA that is about the going rate. The only reason I pay a little less is because my horse is one of the farm's babies. I guess "too much" depends on how much they do for you and how much you still have to do yourself.

Anonymous said...

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learninghorses said...

Julie-that is TOO MUCH! It is a very nice facility, but your horse is still in a box stall with no run, the turnout is still quite small. Having had awesome relationships with my boarding barn owners in the past, I also couldn't imagine getting that news in a letter.

A boarding facility is an extension of your family. It is where you go for peace and comfort and to enjoy a relationship with your horse. Your horse should be healthy and happy there and the communication lines should always be open.

I know where you live and where you board and I just think it is too far and NOT enough facilites for what you are paying. You are moving along nicely with Maddy, if you saved $125 a month, you could start paying/saving for a trailer and then you could go other places (including seeing me).

Look around for a private place that will let your trainer come to you (or can replace her). Look for healthy horses and happy people.

I love my boarding facility so much that I take pride in keeping it clean, so I asked her to show me how to start the blower so I could help out (and I board 4 horses, so aren't I really the customer??). I have blown the barn 2x in the last month, just out of joy. That is what a great boarding relationship is all about.

Rising Rainbow said...

Well for me, I think it can't hurt to look. But before I'm make any decisions for sure, I'd shop around and see what else is available and compare. If you decide to move, your horse will adjust.

photogchic said...

Thanks guys...Sometimes you just have to step back and breathe. I am going to check out some places and see what I can find. Mybe I can talk my trainer into coming to me:-)