Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trailer Trip

The rain, the snow, the mud can't slow the girls of Painted Forest Stables down. We decided to load up and check out some new trails. I was nervous. This new trailer is a straight load, 17 feet long, and much heavier than my previous Trails West. Not to mention...I haven't worked Maddy in and out of the trailer, so I wasn't sure what she would think. Skye and Maddy loaded right in. When we got to the location, she was sweating pretty good, so the ride must have been a little nerve racking for her. They unloaded nicely, great to have a ramp. We hit the Port Blakely trails. We were only out for about an hour and half. Skye is still working up to full work from a leg injury and we didn't want to push it. We headed back home. The hard part was still ahead of me. I knew I couldn't fully relax until I had that trailer backed into its little spot. With the help of the girls, they got me in there. I need practice on backing...tend to over think it and go the wrong way with the steering wheel. The cool thing about this new trailer....a huge, huge, huge dressing room. I could put a cot in there if I wanted. I am slowly getting it organized, have some decals ordered and soon a blanket rack installed. We have officially kicked off our road tripping riding season.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Horses Shot and Killed

Investigators seek public's help in finding who killed three wild horses

PRINEVILLE -- Three wild horses were found shot and killed in central Oregon east of Prineville, and investigators are asking the public for help finding who did it.

KTVZ-TV in Bend reports that one of the horses was pregnant and accompanied by a year-old foal, which was found unhurt.

Crook County sheriff's Deputy Brian Bottoms made the discovery around 2 p.m. Monday while on patrol in the Ochoco National Forest about 18 miles east of Prineville.

Bottoms found the dead horse along a spur road off Forest Road 150 near the Ochoco Ranger Station. An investigation turned up two more dead horses. Two stallions were shot and killed in addition to the mare.

Deputies have gathered some evidence from the scene but are asking for anybody with information to call (541) 447-6398.

"Winning" Winners!

Congratulations are in order for five lucky winners of the Absorbine Give-away. Thanks to everyone for playing. The correct answer, which everyone got right was "Smoken Now", or as he is otherwise known "Pokey." Also, Maddy has a Hart Ranch freeze brand of a heart on her left shoulder. I picked five names out of a bowl...even shot some video to show it was fair. Drumroll please....Kacy from AllHorseStuff, Ranae Rose, Grey Horse, Allison, and Mikael of Rising Rainbow all get a free bottle of Natural Hoof Spray to try out. Please send me the address where you would like Absorbine to send the product and I will pass it along. Please send info to my email address,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Free know you want it!

It is contest time! Absorbine has offered free Hooflex Natural Spray to the lucky five winners of this contest. I realize there may be more than 5 with the right answer...but if that is the case...I will put names in a hat and draw.

So...Here goes! You might have to do a little digging.

Name Maddy's sire. I have posted about him in the past. I have done videos of him. And he is listed on the ranch site where I purchased Maddy. He is the super hero looking horse pictured below.

Maybe for some bonus points...What is Maddy's freeze brand?:-)

Winning this spray is worth it. I have been applying it to the hoof recovering from the abscess to keep it from drying and cracking. Wonderful stuff and you can spray it upside down:-).

Good luck everyone. The contest closes one week from today, on Wednesday the 16th. If you are selected as a winner, I will contact you and get your address where you want your prize delivered.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hiding til Summer

Love this picture Kacy sent me of Maddy hiding in the trees. It has been dumping snow the last couple days in Beavercreek, Oregon. My last visit to the barn was Sunday. I'll head out tomorrow and see how it goes.