Sunday, March 30, 2008

Clinton Anderson Clinic

My purse was turned in at the restaurant, so I headed out to Prineville, Oregon a little later than I wanted to, but I had my ID and all my credit cards and every penny was still in my purse, so I was a happy camper. The passes up by Mt. Hood were pretty treacherous, so it was slow going. I arrived right after lunch and there were 22 clinic participants and lots of auditors. They were working on passenger lessons which basically means you pick a gait and ride on a loose rein and allow your horse to go where ever they want to go and the only time you shut them down is if you feel in danger. There were a lot of really scared people, most were afraid to canter. I cantered Maddy on her "test" ride, but haven't done it since I bought her. Of course the fracture was a set back, but I realized as I sat there, if I was on Maddy in that clinic, I would probably be one of those people. So I had a little revelation within the first couple of minutes. I need to start putting some miles on my horse! I learned a lot about collection and lots of things to work on now that I am riding again. At one point, they blind-folded a horse to test how much the horse truly gave to pressure. If you look at the sorrel horse in the photo, she has a t-shirt covering her eyes. It was interesting to watch her process what was going on and learn to trust her owner. I saw the participants make a lot of progress in the two days. As I sat in the audience, I heard all the "know it all auditors" make all sorts of negative comments about the "ugly horses" and "clueless riders" and I just kept least these people are here. These horses are the lucky ones...these horses have owners that care enough about them to want to learn how to build a better partnership. I wish all owners put themselves out there like these folks and pushed themselves to be better. I think everyone in that building took home something to build on. I look forward to getting back to work out at the barn. This week....the canter! Here is the requested "Clinton Anderson butt shot" for Kara, our barn manager who has a crush and could not make it to Prineville this weekend:-)

Friday, March 28, 2008

I am an idiot

I put my Clinton Anderson tickets in my purse so I wouldn't forget them. I had a lady set up to buy my extra tickets tomorrow morning when I reach Prineville by 9 am tomorrow morning. Then I went to dinner tonight....and left my lovely purse hanging on the chair. UUUUGGGGGHHHH! The place closed at 9. I realized at 9:15. My exciting trip is turning into a nightmare. Instead of leaving bright and early...I will be camped out at O'Brady's Drive In in Battleground tomorrow morning, calming waiting for them to open and crossing my fingers that they have my black purse containing 4 Clinton Anderson tickets inside. Who cares about the debit card and credit cards...I want my Clinton tickets! If the tickets and purse are there..I am going hit the road and hopefully at least catch a little of Saturday's clinic. I am so bummed and mad at myself. Just can't believe my stupidity right now.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Clinton Anderson

Clinton Anderson is holding a clinic in Prineville this coming weekend. Pretty excited to go watch. My friend that was planning on going, made me buy the tickets and reserve the two rooms and now she is bailing on me. I can't tell you how many times I have been burned on buying tickets for events and then have people back out. I knew better than to buy the tickets because I had I feeling that she wouldn't go, but I did it anyway. She is the owner of Queenie, the draft cross I was riding and she is leaving the barn after some "barn drama." I will miss her and Queenie and her other horse, Buddy. Horses are kind of like kids in divorce and custody disputes, they don't do anything wrong and they pay the price for the behavior of owners and barn managers. I hope they are leaving for greener pastures, but I am really going to miss my tri-colored girl that was helping me to be a better dressage rider. This is a really old photo of Maddy, Classy, and Queenie shortly after I moved into Templeton.

*****Ammended Post....My friend did bail, but she did pay for her tickets. That was very cool. I did manage to sell one for $25 at the event, so now I owe her. I posted my post after working really hard at saving some money for a new saddle and then feeling like I was out $70, so I was frustrated. The post is no reflection about my friends character, she just had things come up and couldn't go. For the record...I will never buy tickets for anyone because this kind of stuff happens. I still had to worry about it and work on trying to sell them when I wanted to kick back and just enjoy the clinic.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Winds of Change

A lot of changes coming my way. My good friend Beth is leaving for a job in New York with CNN in two weeks. I have been so focused on helping her with things it is just starting to sink in that she is leaving. It makes me sad. We worked together in Spokane and then Portland. I am really going to miss her:-( I am to become an aunt in June, so have been sewing things like crazy. I feel like when I am not at the barn, I am at a fabric store. Maddy is now "rideable" so I need to get back on track with lesson plans and goals. I am looking at a Circle Y Flex tree saddle next week with hopes that it fits. It is a couple years old, buts hardly used. I have heard good and bad about flex trees. Anyone out there have an opinion? My mom is coming out in a couple weeks...I can't wait. We always have so much fun going to garage sales and antique shops. She is so good for projects around my house and we just have fun. My Dan Cecil clinic was cancelled. I was bummed, but I am going to a Clinton Anderson Clinic in Prineville next weekend. Yeah! It is also the same weekend as the Northwest Horse Expo down in Albany, so I am going to have to miss it. I know I am rambling, but lots of thoughts about what is ahead for me in the next couple of weeks along with a mix of emotions.

Monday, March 10, 2008


I went out on the trail today! Back in August when Maddy was diagnosed with her coffin bone fracture, I wasn't sure we would ever do this again. We spent about two hours out there on BLM land that adjoins Templeton Equestrian Center. It was my first trail ride since I bought her, so I was curious to see how she reacted to everything. She was awesome. I am so proud of her today. She kept it together and even marched through a puddle. She got a nice easy workout and the sun felt so good. I wish I had my camera. I got this shot with my cell phone after we got back---she donned her western wear today and really worked up a sweat from the hills. Just so happy.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Oh the Mud!

This time of year it is so hard to decide blanket or no blanket. Well, I chose no blanket and it rained. Who is that grey horse down in the pasture? Ummm, that would be Maddy. She even had mud inside her ears. I do enjoy grooming my horse, so not a big deal. I have been really busy all week. Portland Meadows, the racetrack here in town is done on Tuesday and I have been working on a documentary on the backside all year. I am glad things are coming to an end. It has been a lot of work and I am anxious to just be done so I can have my Saturdays back. Because of my film, I couldn't go with Tracey over at Mustang Diaries down to pick up her mustang:-( I am really excited and envious of her training experience---how cool is that? Lots of stuff coming up in the next two weeks. I am going to a Dan Cecil clinic next Sunday. He trained under Clinton Anderson. I am looking for some strategies to deal with Maddy's defiance. I find that as she gets more confident, she gets reluctant. We are doing lots of riding and planning a trail ride tomorrow if the weather is good. I have my little dressage horse can see her after a good brushing modeling her lovely Wintec Pro.