Monday, August 16, 2010

Timothy Lake

The three amigos set out for a day of riding at Timothy Lake up near Mt. Hood. We created a list of places we wanted to ride earlier this summer, and we have managed to check off quite a few this year. Joni, Tammy, and I wanted to hit the water and do some swimming with our horses. I have heard wonderful things about the trails up there. I had no idea the water would be so blue and clear. We parked in the Joe Graham Horse Camp and saddled up. Maddy was already up to her water antics, tipping buckets and splashing.

We found our first water stop about 45 minutes into the ride. Maddy loved the boats. She started splashing and I kept coaxing her deeper into the thing you know...we are swimming! We rode on. I was soaked, but the swim was worth it. I took off my riding boots and strung them to my saddle. Stirrups are a little harsh on barefeet, I wouldn't recommend it. We hit another campsite with nice water access. Here Joni and Tammy did a bit more schooling with their non-water loving horses.
We rode on and on and on. We ended up doing the whole lake...not planned. Tammy and I are thinking demoting Joni from "Trail Boss":-). We think we did 23 miles...we think. All the literature on the lake trails are butt says it was AT LEAST 23 miles. I am little sore, my calves are a little chaffed, but I will take it. I have great horse riding comrades and I am so proud of our horses. We rolled home about midnight, tired and with wet saddles pads. Timothy Lake...been there, done that, and I will be back to swim again.