Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rogue of the Year

Amy Platt of Bend says it's an image she won't soon forget.

On Saturday, she came home to find her four horses covered in blood. Two had been shot.

"There were four of them in the field, and they were all covered in blood, but she was the worst," she said Wednesday.

"This isn't okay," Platt said through the tears. "You can't go out there and shoot an innocent animal.

Police arrested Inga Kemnitz, the woman they say shot Platt's horses. Deschutes County sheriff's deputies say Kemnitz told officers she was shooting sage rats in a field. ((What???))

Platt, brought to tears at the thought of her distressed animals, says the whole thing confuses her. "We've never seen or spoke to this person," she said. "That's why it's so hard to wrap your head around why someone would do this to these beautiful, innocent horses. They're part of our family."

Sheriff's Sgt. Bryan Husband said around 9:25 p.m. Friday, a deputy patrolling eastbound on Hwy 20E east of Bend saw a woman running beside the road, a rifle in her hands.

The deputy stopped to talk to the woman, who identified herself as Kemnitz, 26, of Bend. More patrol deputies and detectives responded to assist with the investigation.

The owners of the horses were quickly identified as Platt and Justin Ward, who both responded to the scene. The horses were identified by their owners as a 3-year-old “Tobiono” paint mare quarter horse named “April,” and a 7-year-old “Dun” gelding quarter horse, named “Denny.”

Upon closer inspection of the horses, it was determined Denny had been shot in his head, just under his left eye, and April had been shot twice -- once in her chest area, and once in her hindquarter area.

The horses were loaded in a trailer by private party and transported immediately to the Bend Equine Medical Center.

Kemnitz initially was taken into custody by deputies for an outstanding local warrant and transported to the county jail.

On Sunday, more evidence linking Kemnitz to the animal abuse was located in the area of the horse pasture. Detectives went to the jail and added charges against Kemnitz, Husband said.

Husband said she faces three counts of first-degree aggravated animal abuse, two counts of first-degree criminal mischief, and a single count of criminal trespass while in possession of a firearm.

Kemnitz was arrested in April 2009 on numerous counts of theft, criminal trespass and other charges, accused of breaking into two cars and taking purses and other items at Black Butte Ranch, and other thefts in the Camp Sherman area.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mountain Trail Course

Today was another road trip. Joni and I headed over to my friend Nicole's house. Her property borders BLM land and lots of amazing trails. Can you say "water crossings!". But first, her neighbor had this amazing trail course. We had to check that out. This woman does competitive trail mountain courses, so she built one in her back yard. Lucky us! Unfortunately I was having so much fun trying all the obstacles, I didn't get many picures, but imagine a bunch of "stations" with different tasks. I loved all the trenches and there was this pulley thing that you lifted up by backing your horse and up comes and big tire and tarp. Joni's horse Sky, did great through the car wash and Nicole's horse Ari, jumped in the trenches. It was so cool and it gave us lots of good ideas. It also showed us what we need to work on. Car wash Maddy...go through it,don't eat it! Then we hit the trails......(to be continued)

Friday, July 16, 2010


After our Parelli lesson on Sunday, I took Joni over to one of my old haunts, Whipple Creek Equestrian Park. When I first got back into riding seven years ago after a long hiatus, I leased a horse next to the park. I would ride every Thursday and I found myself falling in love with horses all over again. The park has a lot of good memories and I've been wanting to ride Maddy there. Sunday I had the chance to fulfill a little dream of mine. Little did I know, Clark County Vector Control has been slacking and the trails were still muddy, creating the perfect habitat for swarms of mosquitoes. Those nasty little things really got us. We cut our ride short and got the heck out of there, but not before poor Maddy was just mauled. I feel so bad for my bumpy girl.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Parelli Lesson

On Sunday, my barnmate and I drove up to Battleground, WA for a Parelli lesson with Michael Sparling. We met Michael at the Redmond Parelli tour stop. He is a young, enthusiastic trainer so we thought "why not?" I was a little anxious about things...I haven't had a Parelli lesson since Ann Kiser left over two years ago. I still worry about trailering new places and how Maddy will respond. I need to get over my fears. Maddy walked off that trailer, took a casual look around and started eating grass. So once I was over my worries about her, I worried about myself.

Running through Parelli procedures...trying to remember all the things they teach without my modifications. My lesson went really well. We focused on all online things...he called it a "day of refinement." Polished up my weaves and worked on a better depart for the circling game. He pointed out I need to direct her zones better, which is why my circling game departs kind of started with a sideways and then depart. He was very observant and was clear with his directions. I was pretty pleased and excited to have some direction and homework.

Joni doesn't know a lot about Parelli, but was willing to try a lesson. Joni and Sky had a very similar lesson to my own, working on shoulder yields and hindquarter yields along with better departs. He comes down to our area about once a month. We are hoping we can convince Michael to hold lessons out at our barn in the Beavercreek area...wouldn't that be nice. Below are a few pictures of Joni, Sky, and Michael in their lesson. The last one is Maddy, content, not a care in the world, just make sure my haybag is full.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Off to New York

A last minute garage sale find before I head out of town for 6 days. Check out these cool vintage Kentucky Derby is 1962. Yeah! Anyway, I am off to visit a friend in New York. Forget the Statue of Liberty or Times Square, I made her promise to take me to Manhattan Saddlery and Belmont Park. Hope you all enjoy your weekend. Happy 4th!