Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rick Lamb

One of my favorite horse reads is "The Revolution in Horsemanship: and what it means to mankind." It was written by Rick Lamb, host of the "The Horse Show" on RFD-TV and Dr. Robert Miller. It is one of those great books that brings equine history together along with science to talk about the evolution in training methods. It reads very well and hard to put down. I was fortunate to meet Rick at the NW Horse Expo and was able to let him know how much I enjoyed his book. He signed autographs and Kacy from All Horse Stuff and I got our picture taken with him. It is a true sign of a "horse geek" when you get giddy meeting horse people that inspire you. Rick Lamb just put out another book called "Horse Smarts for the busy rider." I am looking forward to reading that one as well.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Endurance Clinic

Pacific Northwest Endurance Riders hosted a clinic out our barn on Saturday. It was $25 for the whole day (including lunch!). The day started by talking nutrition and electrolytes. Then a presentation by Naomi Preston on Tellington T-touch...very interesting. For those that don't know, T-Team, is circular touching and motion designed to improve performance and health. My dressage trainer, Michelle Merkin gave a demo on finding your center of balance or the "sweet spot." She had us do some partner simulations to help demonstrate "harmony" with your horse. I think the endurance riders were braced for a dressage queen talk and they all seemed pleasantly surprised with Michelle's knowledge and analogies for use while riding endurance. She really is an amazing teacher.
I was reminded again how lucky I was to find her. Jeff Moore of Equine Rehab and Therapy had us watch three horses walk off and where to look for asymmetry in their movement. Noticing the rise or lack of rise of hips helps to diagnose pain. There was a segment on endurance ride vet checks and pulse taking and about then, my feet were numb and my teeth were chattering. I decided to call it a day. Throughout the day, I was reminded of my fortune of being surrounded with good horse people. I am still struggling with my decision to start looking around for other places to board. For me it is all financial. I board at a place where the majority of people are pretty well off...I am on other hand drive a Geo Tracker...need I say more:-)? Board increases to them, they probably barely flinch, but for keeps me up at night. Things will work themselves out...they always do. Just trying not to stress about it.

Friday, March 6, 2009


My board is going up $30 a month. April 1st, I will be paying $505 a month. It was painful at $475, but I can't justify $505. Thinking about leaving gives me a lump in my throat. I have been at Templeton since a month before it opened. A few months later, I bought Maddy. As the barn has grown and changed, we have too. Everyone there is like family to me. Many would say, "What's $30 more dollars?" Well, it is $360 more a year. When you tack on $140 for lessons, $85 every 6 weeks for shoes, supplements about $ all adds up. I wish I wouldn't have opened the letter...I knew it was bound to come, the writing was on the wall. Just today I was riding in the arena, thinking how good things were. My lessons are going well, the trails are drying out, and the pasture full of mares have so much fun together. I am just sad. I can handle change fairly well, I just hope my girl can. The search begins for our new home.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Horse Blankets

Growing up on the racetrack, you notice a lot of horsemen have old wringer washers outside their barns. They swear by them...they are great for washing "horse stuff." I have been keeping an eye out for one and finally found one on Craigslist. I went to see it. It was owned by one lady since the was in perfect working order. Even the wringer rollers roll along without protest. I was almost afraid to put a dirty, stinky blanket into it, worried I would wreck this beautiful machine. But, it is what I bought it cut back on my blanket cleaning bill so I had to give it a whirl. I anxiously plugged it in, and waited for the smoke and explosion. None came! This machine is amazing. It is quiet and powerful, just cleaned my two sheets right up. When they were done washing, I simply rinsed the tub and it looked good as new. The drain water is pretty nasty. My next go-around, I am going to run the hose out the window so the grime ends up on the lawn and not down my drain. Love this thing...I have no more guilt. This machine can handle Maddy's dirty clothes.