Friday, October 19, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Anne over at Smells Horsey tagged me! I am supposed to post about 8 things people don't know about me. I will keep them "horsey."

1. I lived in England for a year at Alnwick Castle right above the horses. For those that love Harry Potter, that is the castle where the movies were filmed. Lord James loved to fox hunt and usually went about twice a month. I loved waking up to hooves on cobblestones.

2. My first horse was Rocket Tink. My dad claimed him off the track for $500 when he was 12 years old. He was still running against two and three year olds and winning. He had a wonderful heart and I miss him everyday.

3. When I was young, a retired jockey named Charlie Jones was a stable hand around our place. He would take my brother and I up to the airstrip with our ponies and teach us how to ride like a jockey.

4. As a teenager, when I was grounded, my dad padlocked Tink in his stall so I couldn't go riding:-(

5. I daydream about working as a videographer for the Parellis.

6. I miss living in the country.

7. My family has one of three Dalton Gang Horsehair Bridles. They made them in prison to pay for their attorney. I think it should be in a museum. It is amazing.

8. I want a Holsteiner someday. I think they are beautiful horses.


Rising Rainbow said...

I've been tagged too, I think I'm going to post mine tonight. I'm having problems figuring out who to tag so thought I'd check to see who you tagged so we didn't overlap. But you didn't tag. I didn't tag on the last one so think I should this one. This is too complicated for me. lol

You are so lucky you got to live horses when you were a kid. Did your horse get locked up often? lol

photogchic said...

Poor Tink was padlocked in often. I was a pretty wild teenager:-) Horses kept me grounded back then and without them, not sure where I would be.

EquineSpirit said...

WOW! Great list! And I am sooo jealous of number 1...LOL! I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan so between that and the fact that you stayed in a castle waking to the sounds of hoofbeats...DANG...I want to be you! :D

Anne said...

Parelli would be lucky to get you as a videographer!

Growing up in a castle! How cool is that? And horse hooves clattering on the hooves in the morning. After that, life would seem like it was going downhill.

I'm also jealous you got real jockey training up on an airstrip. Who won most of the time, and did you switch horses?

Great list! Interesting life. Thanks for playing. Anne

Pony Tail Club said...

I can understand taking away a car, or other things, but locking up your horse? Now that's just going too far!!!!

Living in that castle must have been amazing! Sounds really fun.

Molly said...

I agree with Anne that the Parellis would be lucky to have you with all of your horsey background.
I love your list. Very well rounded and interesting.
I'm studying the Parelli lessons these days so I can feel confident in my work Bella and not take away her confidence at the same time.

Wayne Jones said...

I've also been tagged & will start putting it together.
I haven't lived in a castle, but have worked on 'Harry Potter' just completed 'Stardust'...ok going to write my eight things..

And thank you comments about my slide shows, i've created them so i can post more pictures & takes up less space on the blog.


new blog :

Rising Rainbow said...

Geez, I can't believe poor Tink spent a lot of time locked up. For me that would have been enough motiviation to be the perfect child. lol Now Rachel, that would be another matter. She'd be naughty all the timethinking she was missing out on some work, that girl. lol

psyche said...

Great list, your horsey back ground is beautiful, I love horses thats why i attract to read your blog,continue listing your experience, keep up a good work.