Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Clicker Training

Fun Day! I ordered a horse clicker training kit and went out to the barn to try it out. For those who don't know, my mare Maddy, is on stall rest until December due to a fractured coffin bone. I thought I would do some clicker training exercises in her stall to keep her mind busy. The book suggested I start by introducing the clicker by clicking and giving a treat. I did that a few times in between grooming. Next, I took a small cone and held it out in front of me. When she touched her nose to it, I clicked and gave a treat. Then I moved around the stall and set the cone in different places and would point to the cone and when she touched it, I clicked and gave a treat. She caught on real quick and realized the cone was like a mini vending machine. She was having a ball eating little pieces of carrots. I think she really enjoyed playing our little game together. I am going to work on clicker feet lifting and clicker dropping her head next. I do realize that you have to make sure your horse doesn't get pushy about treating, so there is a fine line I will have to watch for. This is something we can do to pass time until she gets better.


Simply Marvelous said...

What a clever idea and great use of time! I'll be very interested to know if it really works. If you think it does, I just might try it.

The first time I saw anything about this was on a video ... that I later posted on my site. It was with ponies and clicker training.
I was amazed.

Right now, my horse, Royal, can open gates and will walk up the stone staircase to the upper hill.(new chain locks installed).

Now, if that rascal can do that, perhaps he can catch on to the clicker training.

I'll stayed tuned on your progress with Maddy !

Simply Marvelous said...

Just noticed that url doesn't work. Learn something everyday!

Anyway, if you have the time, go to my SM website, go to "search" and enter "gotta go feed the horses".

Sure was new stuff for me. Now you have me very curious about more clicker stuff.

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh good, a project for you and Maddy to work on. I think that'll will be great for both of you.

I'm sure this stall rest thing is driving you as crazy as it is Maddy.

Anne said...

That sounds like a good use of time even if you don't need a diversion during stall rest.

Thanks for the great idea! We're on it.

Keep us posted, for sure.

Anne said...

I tried to order but my shopping cart stayed empty. I got frustrated so I got it through AMazon, though the clicker is different. Sorry not to give you the business. The clicker people might want to work on their website!

This will be great fun for most of the family :)

Thanks again.

EquineSpirit said...

Wonderful idea! I started clicker training this past spring with D but have since lost my clicker. Need to get another so we can get back to it...LOL!

L said...

Sounds cool!

Jessica Foster said...

Did you ever try the painting? Just think, you could have her design your Christmas cards this year!

Anonymous said...

We recently got a new horse at my barn. His name is Knobby and he is completely blind. He has a horse "friend" named Hooter who wears a bell so Knobby can tell where he is. Ive been doing some Parelli with the horse i ride, but im iterested in doing it with Knobby. Do you think clicker training would help?