Thursday, October 25, 2007

California Burning

Just want everyone to think about the many horses down in Southern California and offer support to our fellow blogger friends like Simply Marvelous who has a little farm down there. It sounds like most of the horses were evacuated to the Del Mar Racetrack, but some firefighters I talked to up here in Oregon said firefighters were finding many horses still enclosed in pens and they were just turning them loose. One post on Marvels site talked about how in 2003, people painted their phone numbers on the horses in case they somehow got lost. Great idea. I encourage everyone to check out Marvels other blog Strawberry Lane and see some amazing photos as well as her first hand account of what is going on down there. She is a very courageous lady, helping rescue horses in the midst of all the danger. Thanks for doing what you are doing. Be safe Marvel.


Tracey said...

Beyond scary, isn't it? Hard for those of us up here in the rain drenched NW to fathom.

Someone on the mustang list is collecting funds to buy hay; they've an opportunity to purchase 48,000 bales at just $7 bale (wish I could get that deal!)

I'm going to see if she can set up a paypal link for folks who'd like to donate and I'll let you know. Seems like this is something that all us horsey folk should be able to get behind, even if it's just $2.

photogchic said...

Right on Tracie--keep me posted.

Rising Rainbow said...

I have been following the plight of the horses down there. It really is scary.

I have friends there and have been unable to make contact with them. At least their horses are safely up here.

What a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

There are some people who do good deeds and others who twist their hands in disbelief. It sounds like you guys have the former. Thank God for that.

Marvel said...

Thanks so much to everyone for your support.

Many thanks to you for sharing our experiences with the horse rescues during the frightening fires.

It is amazing how people are able to jump right in to get the job done.

Many stories from this experience, and many friends were made.

And so many wonderfully brave horses.

Jessica Foster said...

Just got great news today--my sister's house is standing! There are ashes all around and I could hear the helicopters, but yes, it's standing.

EquineSpirit said...

That's incredibly scary! Beautiful photo though...just very scary!

psyche said...

Oh what a nightmare,I love horses thats why I feel sad if I read post like this kind of accident but I'm happy to know that they have a good heart who always save them.