Saturday, January 27, 2007

Not Gonna Happen

There is a donkey stud next door that has growing sexual frustration. He is a tiny little guy, in with four horses. He chases them all around and when they stop he tries to mount with no avail. He can't wait for the mares to lay down. He sprints across the pasture thinking he finally has a chance and they just stand up:-( We all feel bad for him, but he does provide the barn with endless entertainment. I wish they would just geld the poor thing.


Jessica Foster said...

Come on, even asses need some lovin!

learninghorses said...

He was SO cute, I am so bummed I couldn't get my camera out before he stopped braying! I still have many pictures of him.

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh my, he's quite amusing but did anyone consider the possibilty that one day one of those mares might just be desperate enough to stay laying down. I do know of a mini that bred a QH mare and that's how he pulled it off!!