Friday, January 26, 2007

Hang Time

This week I have really spent a lot of undemanding time with Maddy. On Saturday night, I pulled up a bucket and sat with her in her stall for about an hour while she ate. On Monday, I played in the pasture with her and her herdmates. I love the "girls." Queenie, Classy, Novi, and Maddy just love to be adored. Wednesday we "mosied" around the facility. I took her down to the pond to see the ducks. She is not quite sure what to think of them. In this picture, she is just trying to figure out what those floating black things are. I am working with her as well, but I am noticing a HUGE difference in her this week. There is this amazing calm about her. I think a big wall came down Saturday night while I was in her stall. She would munch some hay and then stroll over and see what I was up to. It was very sweet. When I go to the pasture, she is coming to the gate. When I put her away, she stays, preferring to get her face rubbed. It is really amazing to experience. I was always the kid chasing my ponies all around the pasture and when I was exhausted, finally resorting to getting a bucket of grain. Learning about horse psychology and practicing Parelli techniques is the best thing I have ever done and it is paying off in big ways.

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Donna said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! I've put you on Bloglines so I can follow along with your adventures with Maddy, she's just beautiful.