Friday, January 19, 2007

Age Brings Wisdom

Turning 5 was apparently a good thing for Maddy. She was left brained all day and just a happy camper. We made it through all seven games without any drama and did some work around the mounting block. I have to get some video of her going sideways. She goes down the whole arena wall and it is so cool. She is showing a lot of progress on her feet. I am still not able to pick them all up from one side, but she is offering her front and is now holding her back for up to a minute. The barn will be worming in February so I need to get a big syringe and start filling it with applesauce so I can get her used to it before the big day.

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learninghorses said...

I am so GLAD that things are going well with Maddy. I *KNOW* you will accomplish all of those things in the next year, so plan on me coming up for the party. Zapa wants to know if he can come too, he thinks Maddy is pretty cute.