Monday, January 8, 2007

Horse People

My friend Jerri Gillian came up to Portland over the weekend to see Maddy for the first time. I can credit Jerri in a big way to getting me back into horses. After college, I left horses behind to delve into my career. I moved around the country, going home to Minnesota to see my dads horses run at Canterbury Park in the summers. I was just too busy to miss them. A couple years ago, I felt this big void. I shot a horse neglect story for work and this wave of sadness washed over me and I wanted to ride again. I sought out Jerri on Craigslist after she posted about needing someone to help her exercise her Paso Finos. I had no idea what a "gaited" horse even was, but I was curious and I went out to Hillsboro to meet Precious and Tesoro. I fell in love with Precious. She was sassy and fun. I rode her and I was hooked all over again. Jerri has since moved down to Eugene and has added another Paso to her brood. Young Zapa is her project horse. She has been a wonderful support for me and a great friend. Her blog is a great source of horse information, with lots of fun posts. These pictures are from Saturday. I watched her take a dressage lesson out at this new boarding facility in Banks. This is "Hoss" a twenty-something quarter horse and Jerri getting instruction from Gina.

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Ruben Bailey said...

Hey, just wanted to touch base on the comment you left on my blog. Thaks for stopping by. I haven't been as "regular" as I would have liked, but I'm looking for that to change pretty soon.

I live in P-Town as well and am an avid fan of horse racing (and to lesser extent gambling).

I'm an east coast transplant who got the horse racing bug about 10 yrs ago.

What else.....well, I have a lot of personal info on my blog (I know, a lot to sift through) so if you have any specifc questions, def. shoot me an email. I've got my contact info on the site, so just let em rip!

Stay warm the next couple of days as the snow and cold makes its supposed arrival around here!!