Sunday, February 10, 2008


Pay backs are hell Equine Spirit:-) I am supposed to use my middle name to relay facts about myself. Luckily I have a short middle name.

M....iddle eastern music fan
A....lligators terrify me
R....ugby...played it in college
I....have tattoos
E....lephants, have a small collection

I won't tag anyone because it looks like just about everyone in my blog roll was tagged already.


Tracey said...

Viruses, viruses everywhere! Agreed on the alligators, although I've not really had opportunity to run from one, thankfully :)

BTW...are you looking for a trip to Sacramento with your video equipment?

EquineSpirit said...

Are they? LOL! :P where have I heard THAT middle name before...oh yeah... ;)

Rising Rainbow said...

Better be careful around Tracey, looks like she is trying to take you along to her Mustang Challenge. lol

Now I forgot what I was going to comment, but guess the above will do. LOL Geez, I must be getting old doing stuff like forgetting like that.