Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I am in a rut. I have let my barn dilema spiral into this huge stress. I board at a barn that is about 30 miles from my house and is $475 a month. It is full of good people and I love my trainer, but it lacks the "tools" I feel I need to take Maddy to the next level. There is no round pen, no outdoor arena, and no "honey-comb," all things the other barn has. My new barn would be 3 miles from this beautiful equestrian park that inspired me to get back into horses. I can't wait to ride there again on my own horse. But in leaving, I feel like I am leaving the nest, and jumping into the unknown. My trainer, is someone I really trust and I know she is always right about things. We make small steps together and she knows my horse. But I am at least a year out from getting really serious about dressage. The new place would do wonders for Maddys learning curve. It is a Parelli barn that has all sorts of tires, and barrels, and jumps. I love the outdoor arena and you all know how much I love the honeycomb. I am nervous about moving her and what her behavior will be at the new place. I don't know what she is like to load. I don't have a trailer and I will have to hire someone to haul her. I had made up my mind to turn in my notice last week and then she came up lame and I started to panic about moving her. What vet will I use, what farrier, ect. So I am sitting in limbo, scared to make the wrong decision. I feel frozen and miserable. I really struggle with decision making, but this is the worst one for me. All day long I go back and forth and I know no one can make it for me, yet I want someone to take my hand and say "Julie, you belong at barn X."


Lulu said...

Time to stop doubting yourself. I honestly think that moving to the new barn will be the best choice for Maddy. As you said, there are tools there that she will really benefit from; tools that you do not have now.

How far is the new barn? Is there any reason your farrier and vet won't travel there? My farrier has followed me all over the country side!

Breathe! You can do this! Maddy might not enjoy the trailering, but after a few days in her new environment she will be back to the same Maddy that you know and love!

Tracey said...

Julie, you belong at barn X.

Did that help?

Couldn't you use the same farrier and vet? Probably cost more to get them to travel. It's hard to leave a good trainer, that's for sure. Can you move in for a month and if you don't like it, move back? Or are the stalls full up at the place you've got now, with a risk of losing your space?

Can you put up a hot wire round pen where you are? Any reason they won't let you lug in a few tires or other toys?

EquineSpirit said...

((HUGS!!)) I'm in the same boat right now. It's a difficult decision to say the least!

~Dawn~ said...

Hi Julie,
Don't be afraid to make a change! If you know that Maddy will be better off at the new barn, do it!

I just love that you do Parelli - I had a mare that I worked with and Parelli really helped her come around. I'm just getting ready to start level 1 with my gelding. He's a good boy but we've been having some spooking issues. If you check out my blog I have pics of him! Good luck and I'll be checking in on your progress!
~A Charmed Life~

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm with Tracey on this one, you belong at barn X.

The only one who knows the answer is you. There are going to be pros and cons both ways.

Change is always hard but we can't grow without change. Whether or not a move to the new barn works out or not, it would still be an opportunity for growth.

But, the other side of that would be you could stay where you are but change how you do things there and grow from that too.

It's all up to you.

Don't ya hate that! I know I sure do.

Jessica Foster said...

I don't know horses. But I know you wouldn't be this stress and conflicted if you were satisfied where you're at. You're not happy where you're at. It sounds like you've made up your mind what is the best choice but maybe you're just nervous about the change. Maybe you need to think positively--and believe the change will be better, believe Maddy will willingly go for the trailer ride, believe you'll find great people to work with you two to reach that next level. You often talk about using these techniques in training, perhaps you should use these techniques related to a barn.

Donna said...

This really is a hard decision. For me, it would be the fact that I was leaving my trainer. If it is worth staying with your trainer not to leave where you are, perhaps you could talk with your current barn about the things you think they lack and see what they say. If they aren't willing or able to accomodate the things you and your horse need, then maybe it is time you moved on.

photogchic said...

All of your advice is SO appreciated. Sometimes when you are that stuck, you can't think things through properly. I have decided to stay. My current barn owner offered up her trailer and told me I could use it any time to go to Parelli barns and play. She wants to work with me and she wants to trail ride more. For now, I need to focus on trailering, travel, and trails and the next time I think about change I will not have so much anxiety about moving her.