Thursday, February 1, 2007

Spring Cleaning

It is time to start cleaning Maddy up and get her looking like a proper lady. She has never had a bridle path, so last week I started introducing her to the clippers. She was very curious when I took them out of the case. I rubbed her all over with them and kept letting her sniff if as much as she wanted. I stepped back a couple feet, and casually turned it on without looking at her. She didn't even flinch so I kept them on for awhile and then turned them off and did a lot of approach and retreat with them on and off. Instead of going right in and trimming hair, I think it is a good idea to just "massage" them with the clippers on for the next couple of times you work at this. So there is no bridle path yet, hopefully next week. There are lots of things going on for Maddy in February. We have a braiding clinic on Sunday. I am going to pull her mane and learn about different types of braids for dressage. The farrier comes again on Monday, and we will see if she is better about her back feet. February 17th is another clinic with Dan Cecil from Canby. He is an apprentice of Clinton Anderson. He was really good with Maddy when he came to Templeton in December. I am hoping to start posting video clips on my blog as well. Maddy and I are both on a big learning curve this month!

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