Monday, February 12, 2007


I am not big on motivational speakers, but this weekend I made it a point to attend most of Jane Savoie's clinics at the Mane Event. She is world renowned in the dressage world and has a long list of accomplishments. She refers to herself as a "DQ" which means "dressage queen." She jokes,"you know you're a DQ when you spend ungodly amounts of money to be verbally assaulted for an hour." How true is that? Anyway, I loved her motivational chats she had about the laws of attraction. Basically, what energy (negative or positive) we put out there is what we attract. Example: If we think our horse is going to be crazy, she acts crazy. To conquer this, she says to use visualization. Picture yourself on your perfect day doing exactly what you want to with your horse. Fill in the details. What are you wearing, which way is her mane flopping, what do you hear? She says this kind of thing helps with fear issues and it reflects on your attitude and demeanor when you are around your horse. So I tried it. All weekend, I am riding Maddy in my mind. Her mane is shining and tail blowing. We are out on the trail. It is sunny and 70 degrees and the birds are out singing. Bella, the Australian Shepard, is tagging along. Maddy is signing and snorting a lot. She feels so great under saddle. Of course in my visualization I have a beautiful new Circle Y saddle and we are both looking pretty sharp. I don't just picture riding. I picture the farrier, going to catch her, and lunging. Well, Monday I show up at the barn and who walks up to greet me as I come down to the pasture? Maddy. Who goes out on her 22 foot line and does spirals in and back out with nice flexion and bend to the inside? Maddy again. The vet is out and I have been wanting to have her ears checked because she rubs them all the time. She needs work on the ears so the vet is going to give her a sedative so she can look inside. As the vet heads to the truck, I breathe deeply and imagine her standing still and relaxed for her shot. And she does it. Thank you Jane Savoie!

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So great to read about your immediate and successful application of Jane's motivational tips using Maxwell Maltz's Psychocybernetics.

Jane is a gifted gal who has worked hard to share what she has learned with thousands of others... be it her innate understanding of working closely WITH a horse in cooperation and mutual respect or athletic endeavors.

.... and she has a very wonderful heart! :)

'Joyous' Gaile Avent,Editor
Bichon Frise Information Station

Rising Rainbow said...

Yes, it's amazing how much easier things can be when you just expect them to go well.

That's one of those things I'm always trying to remind my family about. I have a daughter in particular who has problems with the horses because she's always expecting to have problems. When she remembers to visualize what she wants and how the horse responds, then things go off without a hitch. She'sgetting better.

Sounds like the Mane Event was a success.

photogchic said...

I think I was really "traumatized" by all the rearing Maddy was doing in the beginning. That image would come to mind EVERY time I went to work with her, so I came to expect negative things. Listening to Jane made me really think about my thoughts and I am working hard to replace those images of rearing, with calm rides on the trail. I find myself feeling closer and happier around my horse.