Friday, February 16, 2007

Rhythm Beads

I bought some rhythm beads at the Mane Event last weekend and tried them out today since we are working on spirals in and out on a 22 foot line. Supposedly the "jingle" of the bells calms horses and puts them in a cadence with their gait. They are made by a company called Gray Wolf Horsebeads and for ten dollars, I thought I would give it a go. I thought I would have to get her used to the sound, but she loved it right away. When she got going on her circles, instead of working for ten minutes before her head lowered, it seemed almost immediate. She is one to speed up and slow down, thus the "spirals." I was putting her in smaller circles until she slowed her pace to a rideable trot and dropped her head or snorted, when she did this, as reward she got to go farther out. Now I know it could have been her "mood," but she did just fabulous in her circles with the necklace on. She looked like she was enjoying herself and the jingle was calming even to me! There was no cutting in today and she looked just beautiful with a relaxed neck and even gait. I am also using a lot of visualization during my days when I am not at the barn. Lots of positive thoughts and visions of success thanks to Jane Savoie. I also came clean with her this afternoon and got rid of some old baggage between us. I confessed that some days in the past, I had thoughts about her purchase being a mistake and that I had felt some regret at times. Today I told her that I loved her and I was so lucky to find her. I will never again second guess my decision to buy her. And with that she followed me around the pasture and I took the second picture posted here and I see the softness in her eyes. That's my girl.


Kelly said...

I think I might buy a set of these... I can see how they would help. I think it could be helpful for riders having trouble finding the rhythm as well. Thanks!

NHN said...

Your horse looks so sweet. And good in her Rhythm beads