Thursday, February 22, 2007

Moving Along

Today I moved Maddy quickly through a lot of things just to pick up the pace of things. The mud is bad in her pasture and Maddy loves to sunbathe in it. She is caked in mud and you would be hard pressed to guess the color of her newest blanket. I thought I would see where she is at with water. I took her into the wash stall and turned the pressure pretty low and turned it on and off. When it was off, I offered it to her to sniff. She was pretty interested in it. I washed off my boots and kept it on for longer durations and moved it closer and retreated. She let me wash off her front, but not ready for the back. She seemed to like it for the most part. We moved through lots of drills, I saddled her up, and worked on driving her with taps on the saddle. I think all the hard work in the beginning is paying off. She moves with the slightest tap on the saddle and stops when I take it off. She was very "checked in" today I felt we had a lot of communication going. I got some new clippers and worked on those as well. She allowed me to trim her bridlepath and I left feeling a sense of accomplishment today.

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learninghorses said...

I am so happy to read about the progress. I can't wait until we are all camping and trail riding together!