Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Deadly Collapse

I really try to keep posts on my blog about horses, but tonight my heart goes out to the families in Minnesota that are dealing with the tragedy of the 35W bridge collapse. I grew up a half hour west of Minneapolis and my whole family is there. I was standing in the newsroom where I work and I saw the video on Fox News and I was just in shock. I stood there and just kept saying "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh." I got on the phone right away because my boyfriend flew to Minnesota this morning to do some fishing. I got a hold of everybody and just felt relieved. I am still concerned about many of my friends. Many work in Minneapolis and St. Paul. So after my post here, I have to start emailing everybody. My dad was worried because Canterbury Park gave out 100 free tickets to the Minnesota Twins game tonight. Briannah, the young girl he mentors, headed there with a bunch of other people from the track. They did go over the bridge, but the group she was with was ahead of the collapse. It is just so shocking. I have been over that bridge a hundred times and I just can't believe something like this could happen without an earthquake.


Jessica Foster said...

Most people were already at the Twins game thankfully. The Twins kept all the fans inside so they wouldn't put another 25,000 people on the roads and postponed Thursday's game. You remember Michael Novak? He was shooting the game. Sarah said he got called and would be covering the collapse for satellite all night. Thankfully, I know of no one hurt. But like you all of my family is here. I'm here. This isn't something Minnesotan's are used to seeing. This is something we see on TV. This is something we see in action movies, hospital dramas or in news reports from places riddled with quakes. Traffic is horrible today and I'm very thankful I had already taken today off. I don't know how my friends and family are getting to work, if they are.

Beth said...

I hope all your friends and family are safe.

We had a bridge fail here, but nothing to that extent. I think one car went down. It was our Hoone bridge. Just a panel failed.

I think thats why our major downtown interchanged is being revamped, these high rise bridges only last so long.

So tragic.

Jessica Foster said...

Oh yeah, and technically it still is about horses--Mpls Police are using mounted patrol to get around on site.

EquineSpirit said...

It sure is scary. I was out at the barn wiping out Diago's nose when my mom called to tell me about it. We were just finishing up with "D" so after we put him back we rushed to the in-laws, picked up the boys, and ran home as fast as we could to find out what happened. I'm still holding out hope they'll find some of the missing people still alive!!

Rising Rainbow said...

I happened to be in the house when the news flash came across the TV. It is so sad.