Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trace Clip

Off to do a trace clip tomorrow on Maddy. She has a pretty good winter coat coming in...the problem, it is still warm out and she is working 4 days a week. She has been getting pretty sweaty, so it is time to get out the clippers. Most of the horses at the barn already have them...I am a bit behind. Maddy is great with the clippers...just hope I have a steady hand.


Esther said...

Good luck!!! Let's hope Maddy enjoys all the fuss around her!

allhorsestuff said...

Yea, Velvet loved getting out the other day...since she has been inactive every other day in the stall.

I like your photo. Pantz got that version last year that went around her butt like that...It is on the "Behind the scenes" post. I thought Kelli got extra book did not show it that way!
It is great for getting them used to the clippers, I tell ya! First time I did Wa,last year, I did her in the stall while she ate hay...that worked, this time she was great just standing in the groom bay! More light too!

I have to do more on Wa, she is sweating too much on her neck,it remains too wet when I want o put her away... so I will do the "blanket clip" again(the whole neck) and break out my neck cover for the blanket.
See ya! Have is pretty fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Well it is supposed to be near 70 here in southwestern Ohio where we live. That for the next few days will make her hotter than normal. I like Indian Summer but lots of animals don't.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sure she will love her new look. What girl doesn't like a new hairdo. And it will be easier for her with this crazy weather.

Equine Body Work said...

I was just out at a barn where a woman had clipped two of her horses in various patterns. One with stripes, and one with checkerboard. It was amazing. I wish I had taken pictures.

allhorsestuff said...

You are it for some fun!
Come on over and see...Kacy