Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ride a Breyer

Anne over at Smells Horsey has a wonderful post about riding a Breyer horse. She has a goal that at some point in her life, she wanted to ride a horse that was a real life model for the toy. How cool is that? I grew up collecting Breyers and was really obsessed as a kid. I think I have well over 400 and my mom has them packed away and insured. Someday, I will ship them to Oregon and have a room with all of them displayed. I currently have about 20 here that I have picked up at garage sales. My little herd. They make me happy just to looking at them. I remember pouring over those Breyer catalogs and very carefully picking out the ones I wanted for Christmas, Birthday, and my "Summer Prize." My mom gave my brother and I a "summer prize" if we helped her with things around the house when school was out. It is amazing how much dreaming went in to picking that prize. Anyway back to Anne. Her post got me thinking...maybe I should look for an opportunity to ride a Breyer. It just so happens that IDEAL is right in my backyard. Don't know how willing the people over at Ulimate Piaffe would feel out this wish, but couldn't hurt to ask. Great idea Anne--can't wait to hear about your Breyer ride. I am dying to know which model you will take for a spin!


Beckz said...

Hey, Just found your blog. It's cool. o sorry to hear your horse is lame but it sounds like she is getting the best of care and will be better in no time

Rising Rainbow said...

I read her post too. Guess my dream is just a bit different, I'd like to have bred a horse that becomes famous enough to beceom a Breye. But we all have our dreams don't we. Glad to see a little spark back in your post!!

anne said...

So nice to find you -- and thanks for stopping by my blog!

I hope you have some success at IDEAL!

Thanks also for your very nice post about my upcoming ride. This should be very interesting.

It sounds like the stall rest might be almost harder on you than on Maddy. It sounds like you're doing all the right things. If she tears up her stall toys, you might try an empty gallon milk jug with rocks or something to rattle in it. My horse would get those swinging so hard they'd fly over the top of his stall to the horse on the other side, who enjoyed them, too. Unsightly but it works.

Do you have access to another horse to ride in the meantime?

Nice to meet you -- and good luck!

Donna said...

I have so much catching up to do...when I was a child the only horses I knew about were Flicka and Black Beauty. Good luck in your quest!

EquineSpirit said...

That's a wonderful dream! Ideal is a gorgeous horse and one of the Breyers I would LOVE to have! Hope that dream comes true for ya. Keep us posted!! :D

Anne said...

By the way, I would be afraid of touching Ideal -- I might get him dirty.

Every one of those horses on that site is gorgeous. I can look all day. I'd be hanging over their fences if I lived nearby.

As for my Breyer ride: The mare is indeed a world champion and a beautiful beast. But probably not what you are expecting! I do so love to tease....

EquineSpirit said... tag...YOU'RE it! The details are on my blog! Oh...and it's horse related!! :D

Marvel said...

Just discovered your blog.

Will be interested in watching your dream happen!