Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blog Tag--I am it!

Sabrina over at EquineSpirit tagged me!

My list of demands if I were a famous rider.....

1. The best of facilities. Nike footing in a beautiful outdoor arena. Swimming pool for the horses to help with tired legs or injuries. Big stalls and gorgeous pastures.

2. A wide variety of horses to ride and challenge me.

3. Surrounded by a great horse family. Great grooms, barn techs, vets , and trainers.

4. My own show on RFD.

5. My own personal videographer and photographer to document progress and rides.

6. A Brenderup horse trailer.

7. Lots of travel around the country so I can ride in ever imaginable place horse people would want to ride.


Rising Rainbow said...

OK, I like your list, can I copy? I got tagged too but am waiting to end the series I'm doing before I post.

Anjel said...

Here via Sabrina (Grazing in the Meadow of Creativity). Loving your BLOG! I'll be back!

EquineSpirit said...

Great list! I'm loving reading everyone's lists!!

Wayne Jones said...

I could do number 5 on your list !

Anne said...

How about plenty of hay, even in a drought?

I especially love your idea of riding all over the country. Now THAT would be fun!

Great job!

Pony Tail Club said...

Yep, I especially agree with the Brenderup Trailer and riding all over the country! (Or the world, I want to ride in Ireland!)

photogchic said...

We can all dream right:-)