Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Diamond in the Rough

You know when you own two horse trailers for one horse, you have crossed over into the realm of "crazy horse person." If you look at the above 4 trailers, two of those happen to be mine. Before you judge, give me a chance to explain. I am trying to sell my slant load. It is a wonderful little trailer, but I have been wanting a straight load for safety reasons. So this weekend, I thought my slant was sold. Long story short, it wasn't. In the meantime I find a straight load that seems like a good fit. I go to look at it and it sits up on this hill surrounded by trees, covered in green slimy moss. It is not pretty, structurally sound. I think a good detail on it will do wonders. The lady sells it to me cheap...she just wants it gone. So I spent today changing the trailer from green to white with every brush and scrubby I own. I know there is a really nice trailer under there somewhere and 3 hours and a hundred trips up and down the ladder, it emerged.

I am taking it in for some restoration on the oxidized hitch and just an overall safety check. Everything looks straight and solid, but I like to be sure. The inside is sooo cool...can't wait to show it to you. It is a straight load with a passage way to the dressing room. It was very well designed, made by Trailers, USA in Florida.


lytha said...

oh, too funny, i was just showing a blogger in europe my favorite trailer design - and i think you've got it.

i pointed him to the trailet straight load with huge tack area - it is the new yorker model. http://www.trailet.com/t_newyorker.html

i didn't know another brand besides trailet did this design, i just love it.

i converted a three horse slant into this design by removing the dividers, installing a chest block, and cutting the tack room wall in half (also removeable). it was the coolest thing, i could even see the horses while driving through the front window.

i don't know if slant loads are less safe, i just like to have a chair in my tack area so i can sit there and eat lunch *with* my horses and not have to look through a window or back door to visit with them.

when i first got it it was green as well and i had fun with a pressure washer and old manure/algae (not fun).

i'm happy for you that you got such a cool trailer!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Congrats on your new trailer. It looks like a twin to mine,I hope you have lots of good luck with it and it tags along with you and Maddy on lots of good rides.

p.s. hope you sell the other trailer soon.

OnTheBit said...

That looks like a great buy to me! I am sorry your trailer didn't sell, but I am sure it will soon.

Jean said...

The "new/old" trailer looks beautiful all cleaned up. Here's wishing you many happy miles taking your horses wherever you want to go!

And good luck selling the other one. Hopefully, it will find a buyer sooner than later.

C-ingspots said...

Looks nice...glad you found a nice one. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog the other day.

Diamond in the ruff said...

I know the feeling, people at the barn laugh at me all time for having 1 horse and 3 saddles that I hardly ever ride in (I ride bare back), sometimes you just can't resist!
Come visit my blog!

allhorsestuff said...

YEA! Something YOU feel safe with Jules!
I am SOOO happy with my trailer-though I like my sisters roomer one better, this one is serving me well.

THERE is my little stool! Oh, I left a note on the board about it..thought maybe "another thing" got taken to my trailer to store, for space reasons, from our tiny tackroom and areas!
Good...I was feeling bad about that!

Y9our new trailer will clean up really nice for you, I know!
WHERE are you taking it for restoration?
I really liked the guy from "Trailer Restorations" we met at EXPO last year. They are in Battleground. A friend of mine used them too, and said it was ultra comprehensive and fair priced.
Let me know...I have to take mine in as well.

Rising Rainbow said...

I don't you you qualify as crazy if you plan on selling one. LOL

Sounds like you got a great deal.