Saturday, November 13, 2010

GoPro Test

I bought a GoPro helmet camera this summer right before a beach trip. I shot about 5 hours of footage over that weekend. I went to go edit and found the footage wasn't compatible with my editing system. I shelved the camera until I had time to figure it out. Months later, (with some help) I think I solved the problem. Now I just need to figure out "MOTION" the graphics package for Final Cut. I struggled through it just to make this simple title...I think I need some online classes. So I will be playing with a lot of video and graphics over the next couple of months on my blog. You will get to know Maddy real well.

This video is a typical day for me and Maddy, groundwork, flatwork, and hitting the trails. One thing I like about watching the video from her back, I see how much her ears swivel all around. For some reason, the blogger upload cut off about 1/3 of the screen, but YouTube looks much better.

If you like the look of the video, GoPro are only about $225 for a HD cam. It really is awesome. I think it is perfect for riders. On this day I used the helmet mount, but I also have a "Chesty" (a chest mount) that may work better because you will see more of the horse.


Grey Horse Matters said...

That was pretty cool! She looks good and I love her expressions when she looks back at you. Nice ride too.

Lori Skoog said...

Great video. I can see why you like the helmet camera. Maddy looks terrific and so does your facility!

Jean said...

What a pretty place to ride and, what a lovely girl Maddy is. I do love those ears. She pays lots of attention to you and certainly does seem to be enjoying herself.

Thanks for bringing us along on your fabulous day!

strivingforsavvy said...

i loved watching that. I live in Oregon City. Where do you live/board? It would be fun to go for a trail ride when it dries out - this spring!

hockeymanjs said...

Where do you have the camera mounted on the helmet and what type of helmet do you have when i mount it on the front lib of my helmet it falls off after a few uses. amazing video BTW