Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Mane Event

Just got back from my annual trip to Chilliwack, BC after attending "The Mane Event." It is a three day horse expo featuring Canada's top trainers and vendors. I always enjoy going because you see a lot of European products that aren't easily available in the US. Last year my favorite find was Tuffa Boots...this year I loved the HAF pads from Italy and the Sensation line of endurance products from Nickers Saddlery. Also, the distributor for Bucas blankets was there doing water demos with the fabric...can you say "amazing." The wicking fabric on the underside was like the Sham-Wow! The temperature range on the Power Turnout is perfect for Oregon. I will get one at some point...$300 is a little steep right now.

Some great clinicians are always there. One of my favorites is Jonathan Field. He does natural horsemanship, pulling most of his technique and horse philosophy from Parelli. He is really maturing as a teacher and student of the horse and he is a fan favorite up there. I have a clip of him performing the night of the Equine Extravaganza, it is similar to the performance Steve Rother does using a long pole.

Some of the clinicians that I enjoyed that were new this year...Michael Richardson, the man pictured in a wheelchair, had many strategies for acquiring an independent seat. I really enjoyed his perspective. He was always a horse person, but became a paraplegic after a jeep accident. Michael is involved with NARHA and makes prototype saddles for the handicapped. Aaron Ralston of reining fame was also there. He had a great demo on lead changes. Aaron is excellent at conveying information, I found myself taking many notes. He came out bareback and was an impressive rider. I missed the Trainers Challenge....I was disappointed last year in the judges choice, so I decided to skip it this year. The last photo is a group of ladies who ride side saddle called the "Nags." Can you believe ladies are still wanting to do that??


Jean said...

Side saddle is kind of fun, actually. Takes a lot more skill than astride, I think, as it demands a different kind of balance and developing a horse more responsive to seat aids to get movement off the side with no leg. It can be very elegant.

Looks like a great program there.

allhorsestuff said...

Great, sounds like you had fun Jules.
The "HAF" line looks to be neat technology. Thanks for feturing it.
Too bad TB's are def NOT on the list of rec body types for the Sensation saddle.
I'm still saving for the right saddle!

We had a blustery time here in Oregon...but fun in the indoors!

Chelsi said...

Hey! I was there on Sunday but just for a few hours. Usually I go all weekend. I watched the finals of the trainer challenge but didnt see any of their round pen sessions. Funny, I was excited to see Josh Lyons and was really disappointed with him as a showman... his work might have been good but the guy barely said twenty words in the whole half hour (literally!), it was weird! I didnt stay to watch Doug Mills but did catch Mike Kevil and thought he was REALLY entertaining and had done a nice job on his colt. And MIKE won!

Rising Rainbow said...

Was the representative for Bucas still Jean??

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Thanks for the blanket tip! My guy's waterproof sheet got wet yesterday - I hate when that happens.

Parelli Central said...

Thank you for sharing, the links were great!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central

Paigley said...

what are the seven games??
well in my area there are a lot of abusive trainers and the expensive one is the only one i it creates a problem