Monday, March 1, 2010


A package arrived on my doorstep on Saturday morning. It came from Minnesota, the return address bearing my dad's name. I opened it up and found this letter on top with a picture of my grandparents.


"All this things in here are over 100 years old. The horseshoe was made by your great grandpa in 1908. He was 14 years old. It was made at the stable at the lake. The horses had this kind of shoe so they could go out on the ice and pull ice blocks back. Great grandpa and great great grandpa would sell the ice in Perham and Wadena. The ice house in Wadena was two blocks from the farm."

I unpacked the box and found the horseshoe as described, an old lantern, some neat jars, and an old lock.

My dad and I have had a difficult relationship. It isn't always easy to love him and I work really hard at it. This package was so thoughtful and dear in so many different ways. I wondered what prompted him to do this. It was simple, but so meaningful. As I took the horseshoe out and held it, I knew in that one instant it will always be one of my favorite things.

Isn't it just amazing? Look at the size of it and the design. It now sits on my mantle above the fireplace. A simple, rusty old horseshoe that means so much.


Lori Skoog said...

How thoughtful of your Dad. He knew you would cherish the contents of the box. Sweet!

Mikey said...

That's a totally amazing shoe!! I can't imagine having to put one of those on, much less go out and haul ice like that. That's (as we say here) dirty tough!

Drillrider said...

It reminds me of something I heard once......"accept love as the giver chooses to show it, not how we expect it to be given"

This quote has helped me immensely in recognizing when people are showing they care.

Your Dad loves you and this his way of showing it. Who knows why he chose to do it, the fact remains that he did!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Beautiful. On so many levels. What a thoughtful gift.

jennybean79 said...

That is such a nice gesture from your dad. I too have had a somewhat strained relationship with my dad over the years - that would have meant alot to me too :).

What a cool horse shoe - I never knew they made them like that. It is an awesome piece of family history for you to keep forever.

Jean said...

What a beautiful gift! It is so perfect it proves how thoughtful and loving your Dad is.

My father had trouble speaking or showing his affection in what most people would consider traditional ways. But the little things he did would always prove his deep and abiding love for his family.

What I see here is a gesture of love beyond bounds from a man who holds you in his heart with some truly special love.

I can understand why that amazing horseshoe is so precious to you.


photogchic said...

That is a great quote to remember Drillrider. Thanks for sharing that.
It is something I need to remember when it comes to my Dad.

Grey Horse Matters said...

That's one serious shoe! Very thoughtful of your Dad to think of you and send it along. I know you'll cherish it.

SoraSoul said...

Incredible shoe and very thoughtful gift. I sure would be careful with my toes =O

Fantastyk Voyager said...

That is so cool! Especially since you have the history about it too!! Thanks for sharing.

allhorsestuff said...

Sweet Jules..really !

Rising Rainbow said...

What a sweet gesture from you dad.

That horseshoe is amazing!

jacksonsgrrl said...

Very cool thing to get in the mail. If I got something from my father I'd probably fall to the floor in surprise. Strained isn't even gonna touch that... So I think it is very cool that he made the effort to send you family history and horse history no less!
Very cool. Since I am adopted I make up scenarios about my real parents sometimes. They must be horse people, cause I don't know where my bug came from otherwise!!