Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kerrits Sale

This unassuming little red building out in the Gorge holds some of the most coveted apparel for the equestrian, Kerrits brand clothing. To our delight, once a year they have a WAREHOUSE SALE!!!I went with two friends, Tammy and Nicole. We made the trek out to Hood River, visions of breeches, jackets, and fleeces dancing in our heads. The strategy...get there early and you are more likely to find samples and irregulars and cheap, cheap, cheap prices. We got there so early, we had to kill some time with coffee. We finally headed over and started our power shopping. Walking into that almost hear angels sing! My stack contained 2 jackets, 2 fleece, 4 breeches, 6 shirts, two hats, and two socks. My bargain of the "Coach's Coat" normally $229 retail for a mere $39. That was the one things I really wanted and they had an irregular in my size sitting right on the table waiting for me to plop it in my bag.

For Tammy and Nicole, it was their first time at the sale. I was thrilled that they enjoyed it as much as I and both had comparable stacks. For Nicole, she was excited about her half chap find and some Christmas gifts she found for her mom. Tammy found some awesome breeches samples ($29!) made from fabrics that were soft and looked like denim and a really cool belted black pair that were really hip. Tammy is the sample size (medium) so she scored some killer deals on coats as well. Tammy brought her SUV...we filled it and headed off to lunch at the aptly named "Big Horse Brewery" to refuel after our exciting morning of bargains.


Laura said...

Oh - you are so lucky!!! I really like Kerrits products - they seem to last really well.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Such cool places to visit in your area! You girls scored big and had a blast, too.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Wow, what a cool sale! I like Kerrits stuff a lot. Love your coat.

jacksonsgrrl said...

LUCKY, lucky you! I am so envious. Stuck here in Western land that is the stuff of a wonderful dream that I wake up from and go, Oh yeah. Texas. NOT. In D.C. I would get the best deals, I got a pair of Ariat tall boots (orig. $300) for $99! Now that was a great day!
Glad you had fun with your friends and were able to show them something so great! The pub looks appropriate for the day too!

Callie said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! Love a place like that! What neat stuff!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I'm so green with envy I can't stand it! That is absolute heaven!

Molly said...

That is so cool. Will you please invite us along again next year?
Such an unassuming little place.

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jacksonsgrrl said...

Julie- You won the hoiday giveaway contest over on my blog. Send me your address and I will send you your horseshoe!

smellshorsey said...

Very jealous. I used to buy Kerrits from an ebay dealer but I still never got a deal. You've got some great stuff there!

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MysticFish said...

Lucky you guys! We may have to drive down for that next year!

Mikey said...

I would have loved to have been there. Nothing better than an exceptionally good deal on horsie stuff!!