Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shrinking Equus

I just got my December issue of Equus Magazine. I have been getting it for years because I enjoy the fresh information. I think even on the web, you can google horse related topics and it is very limited. Especially if you want to learn about equine science. Equus is always forward thinking in their publishing of studies and research on horse health and advancements in care. Sometimes the content available online seems as arcane as some of the training methods that are out there. Just in this issue, an article about a new strangles vaccine and a study about gender affecting trainability. I am not writing this to sell subscriptions, but instead to mourn the loss of pages over the last couple months. My favorite magazine is shrinking. I set a nickel down next to it and it is the same thickness, a mere 72 pages. Coming from someone who works in news, I have watched the steadily decline in print over the last couple years and now I am seeing the bottom drop out. Print is gasping for breath and I think within the next two years we will witness its death. That means newspapers, magazines, and eventually books. Yes books. Have you seen the Kindle or the app on the IPhone that just lets you download books? Everything will be online, electronic information. So today I am going to kick back and enjoy turning my pages...even if it is only 72.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I got mine yesterday and noticed it seemed a little less thick than usual too.
I really enjoy this magazine and hope they don't go under. They have such useful information each month.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I know, it's tough times for horsey pubs just now. I was a staff writer for a horse mag and they had to put me on hold for a few months until things look up a bit.

Halt Near X said...

As a complete electronic convert -- I haven't bought a printed book since I got my Kindle earlier this year -- can I just say that I would LOVE for the equine journals to get with the rest of the world and figure out the internet and mobile devices?

I spend more on journals and magazines now than I ever did for print versions. And none of that is for equestrian journals, because they can't figure out how to deliver it to me.

I thought I'd miss paper and turning pages, but I really, really don't. Sorry -- the death knell you hear for paper? I'm one of the ones ringing the bell.

Lulu said...

I thought it was just me.....the magazine is so skinny this month!!

Drillrider said...

I prefer "paper" to reading something electronically. I'm one of those people that will print the article online and then read it. I never wore glasses until I started working on a computer in the mid-80's.

I get Horse Illustrated and also noticed that this month, it is very slim!

Carol said...
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Carol said...

I love Equus. Being a "non-show" rider, I find the topics on horse health and care more to my liking then some of the show stuff other magazines do.

I hadn't really noticed that it was getting smaller until just now when I read your post....and thought, yeah it is getting smaller. So sad. I hope it doesn't die off completely.

I don't have a computer at home and pass a lot of time reading when I AM at I enjoy getting magazine subscriptions. Call me old fashioned, but I almost think it's a shame that people don't seem to appreciate books and other written things as much as they used to(now that the internet is available).

I look foward to getting the magazines, so I know I will keep subscribing as long as the magazines are available.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Equus - good, sound information, particularly on equine health issues. I'd be sorry to see it go.

Anonymous said...

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lytha said...

equus is the only magazine i read, the only magazine i bother to pay a huge shipping fee to have it sent to me, overseas.

it is getting smaller and smaller and smaller..

and full of typos, have you noticed that?


i hate to lose them.

~lytha in germany

Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Give your girl a kiss on the nose and hug from me.

Mel said...

Just randomly clicking blogs (next blog for blogger has been fixed so it actully takes you to a blog with relevant content) and I found yours. And found out that a bunch of people I know already read it! Wow what a small world.

I always liked Equus best of the horse magazines. I haven't read reguarly since leaving my parents (6/7+ years) so I was sad to see it diminishing...

Fran Jurga said...

Hi, I just happened on this post and thought I could (maybe) make you feel a little better? I publish a magazine too (Hoofcare & Lameness Journal) and we try to always publish the same number of pages of editorial content. What fluctuates is the number of ad pages.

I know Equus pretty well and my guess is that things are pretty much the same there. You are probably getting the same number of articles (and good ones at that) but way fewer ads because 1) the economy is affecting ad sales and 2) web ads and sponsorships are affecting companies' budgets that once went almost exclusively to print ads.

It's an evolution. I see fewer print mags, published less often, with beefier content, in the future. It is futile to try to report transient news that people read a month ago on the web by the time they receive the magazine.

I think you will see horse mags have web or tablet editions and print editions, with separate content. Just a hunch.

I'd love to know more about what others read and how they get their information! It's so important for people like me to know!

Thanks for this post--and this blog!