Monday, March 5, 2007


I am still in the Bahamas and can't wait to post video and photos of the Abaco Barbs I met here. They really are stunning and a young mare named Bellatrix stole my heart. She is a gorgeous brown and white pinto with stunning blue eyes. She just loved to get stratched around her ears. I was able to see 5 of the remaining eight and they are all in good condition and it really looks like one may be pregnant. I am spent one whole day working on interviewing locals about the horses and everyone said "Oh, those are Mimi horses, you need to talk to her." Mimi is the woman in charge of Arkwild. It is as if they want nothing to do with them and have completely absolved themselves from any type of responsibility. It was hard to leave the horses on Friday. I feel pretty grim about their future and crossing my fingers for at least one foal this summer.


Patricia Barlow-Irick said...

Why are you grim about their future if they are in good condition?

I love the photos of the Hungarians and look forward to seeing your latest.

Keep up the good work!

photogchic said...
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learninghorses said...

Wow. Interesting stuff Julie. What a report. It is amazing how different a culture can be.

Rising Rainbow said...

Yes, very interesting. The horses are definitely in trouble if the culture doesn't support them. Very sad.

photogchic said...

The islanders think differently about animals on Abaco. In the 70s a girl was killed trying to ride one of the horses which resulted in the islanders killing as many as 200 horses leaving 3 to carry on the breed. These horses were brutally killed getting shot and chopped to pieces. Some being chased with trucks until they fell from exhaustion. Most on Abaco think they did the right thing and would probably do it again today. The last horse that died was found with buckshot on its face. Because of this history, Mimi thinks she need security and fears for any new foals safety.