Saturday, December 30, 2006

My girl Maddy

My new horse, Maddy, has inspired me to start a blog. I bought her about 4 weeks ago after almost a year long search for the right horse. I was looking for a young mare with some color and that's what I got. She is a Quarter Horse/TB cross that was born on the Hart Ranch just outside LA...I am told she was in a Ford commercial at one time, but I have yet to track down the video. I went to look at her down in Yreka, California and a week later she was here in Oregon. I started Level 1 Parelli on her and almost on to level 2....she is a quick study. That doesn't mean things have been easy. She has reared a few times, doesn't like her feet picked up, and had very little respect for her handlers in the beginning. But she is making great progress and I can't wait to post pictures and videos of her training process.


foosie said...

Wow, what more could a lady horse want than her own "online stall". Congrats to all of you and looking forward to your adventures together.

Pony Tail Club said...

From one "Maddy" to another, I have to say she is very cute!